Trumpification of the Republican Party Reaches Turning Point

By Janet Murguía, President and CEO, NCLR

Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. Photo: Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. Photo: Gage Skidmore

It has been a dreadful week on the issue of immigration. On Monday, Donald Trump released his long-awaited immigration “plan” which put his bigotry and hateful rhetoric into policy. His agenda of mass deportation, a massive wall, and the end of birthright citizenship hits many of the hallmarks of bad policy-making: completely impractical, prohibitively expensive, widely unpopular, doomed to fail, and deeply inconsistent with our values as a nation.

Yet once again—with a few exceptions, like Marco Rubio—the other Republican presidential candidates rushed to embrace Trump’s latest salvo: the proposed evisceration of the 14th amendment. Even Jeb Bush, who does not support ending birthright citizenship, echoed Trump’s use of the heinous and despicable term, “anchor babies.” Calling millions of U.S. citizens a term universally viewed as offensive by the Latino community does not bode well for Republican electoral prospects.

And the most disturbing incident of the week was the horrific beating of a Latino homeless man in Boston, who was innocently sleeping near a train station. The two brothers charged in the crime told police that their attack was motivated by their agreement with Donald Trump that “illegals have to go.”

Much of the responsibility for this attack lies at the feet of not only Trump, but of a Republican Party whose leadership has so far refused to publicly and unequivocally denounce Trump and his extreme rhetoric. Words have consequences, and hateful words lead to hateful actions. No one—especially not two intoxicated bullies—can tell a person’s immigration status by looking at them. This senseless attack was predicated on how this person looked. In other words, a summer of disparagement and demonization has put a target squarely on the backs of all 55 million Hispanics in this country.

When the election rolls around next November, there is no question in my mind that we will look back at this week as a turning point in the election. It will be known as the week when Trump’s dominance of both the campaign and the direction of the Republican Party on the immigration issue turned a dark and dangerous turn. It will be remembered as the week that Republicans not only started to lose the Latino vote, but also the election.

Republicans can only turn this around if the Party finds both its courage and its voice to say “enough is enough” to the demagoguery and bigotry of Trump and his ilk, and to the unconscionable demonization of an entire community that has now put millions of people in harm’s way. If not, Trump will succeed in getting his massive wall. It won’t be a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, but a permanent wall between the Republican Party and Latino voters.

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  4. I Love Trump, I love the no tap dancing around issues. The democrats left the door open and all the Mexicans walked in to our country. They are Great people, and who would not want to come to the greatest place in the world ,.But we are all full right now, So we are Closing the door for a while. So the People who paid there fright charge in life can collect there SSI and other benefits that they are entitled to.

  5. That’s right…Trump, is the anti christ, where some wolves in sheep clothing are idolize by letting him spew segregation of our country via a class infrastructure…an encouraging, inciting hateful crimes…He is the white devil! His followers will pay highly when you consciously realize your wrong doings….this is a great nation of immigrants….excuse me but did he forget he married an immigrant?

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  8. All of this is a direct blowback to the Obama presidency. The base of the party for years has been covertly racist. Thanks to trump and the tea party they can be overt. I am sure They will insult Asians next and then Muslims and then their favorit group to hate (blacks)….

  9. I am not a Republican or a Latino. The vitriol by the Republican party against good people and fellow Americans of Latino heritage is really disgusting. Immigration reform that is humane and that treats people fair will always be difficult as long as the Tea Party folks control the base of the Republican party. These are people that scream at buses full of mothers and children. I think the La Raza community should flock to the GOP primaries. No one has to wait until the general election to vote against people who are so offensive. Voting them down now can shake them to the core. A general election turnout in a primary can take control. Vote now and hit them hard.

  10. I am wondering if Hispanic/Latino organizations are planning to take advantage of organizing a demonstration at the Raegan Library in Simi Valley on 9-16-15 during the CNN Republican Candidates debates. I am hoping that we could unite and send a message to the Republican party on how important the Latino Vote is while also standing up for ourselves because enough is enough. REPUBLICAN PARTY DUMP TRUMP!!!

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