Trump’s Executive Orders on Immigration are an Attack on American Values

It’s only day five of the Trump administration, but the president has already put the wheels in motion for immigration policies that further seek to divide us and demonize immigrants. The president signed two executive orders today that established his plan to move forward with building a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border, ramp up deportations, and go after cities that refuse to transform their local law enforcement into immigration agents.

“Rather than provide real solutions, President Trump has decided to trigger greater chaos and fear, set in motion a mass deportation force, bully cities that refuse to indiscriminately persecute immigrant communities, and waste billions on a wall,” said NCLR President and CEO Janet Murguía. “None of these actions will fix anything, but will devastate our economy and the social fabric of our country.”

Building a border wall and ramping up deportations were both signature elements of the president’s campaign over the last year and a half. He launched his candidacy by calling Mexicans “rapists” and “criminals” and called for erecting a “big and beautiful” wall on our southern border. Now that he is in the White House, the president is seeking to make good on those promises, which will do nothing to address the problems with our immigration system.

“Candidate Trump slandered Mexican immigrants as criminals, questioned the fairness of a distinguished U.S.-born judge based solely on his Mexican heritage, and constantly repeated debunked falsehoods about immigration. Unfortunately, President Trump’s announcement today shows his intention to stay on this path,” Murguía continued. “While the president said that there is no room for prejudice in patriotism, his actions today are all about building a wall of intolerance.”

NCLR will unite with its allies to protect and defend vulnerable communities that are under attack, and will remain vigilant about who joins our cause.

“…We will ensure that Latino voters are aware of who contributed to unleashing these extreme measures, as well as who sat idly by while our community’s rights were trampled,” said Murguía.

The extreme proposals the president campaigned on are no less extreme now that he is president. Today’s executive orders are inconsistent with our American values and we will fight back hard against them.

“No one wants to protect anyone who is a real threat to others or our country, but this is not the way to fix our immigration system,” said Murguía. “As of today, the administration owns the problem; the American people will see in four years that today’s actions were nothing but empty promises that undermined the country’s commitment to equal treatment under the law.”

2 thoughts on “Trump’s Executive Orders on Immigration are an Attack on American Values

  1. I read your article and agree on some points. First we are all immigrants in America -we all came from some where else, even the native Indians migrated down from Canada and or other lands.Personally I have many different ethnic roots.My partner of nearly 10 years is a first generation immigrant , he came here when he was 5!When people say President Trump is attacking and deporting immigrants that does not make sense to me, it would literally mean deporting the whole country. Mr Trump over and over again has specified that he will deport criminal illegal aliens. I understand many people here are illegal and are working and thriving in this country , but what I don’t understand is if they are here and can get documented then there is no worry for them. He has stated in sanctuary cities he will check on undocumented people. He also has said the stop on refugees is for 120 days, sounds reasonable to me for a new president to figure out who is coming in to the country and try to avoid some problems like Europe had. As for funding cuts, the states will have to pick up the cost , as well as charity and quickly finding work for families in the cities. As in Mass the legislature could forfeit their raises and use it to help sanctuary ciites.The general public need to understand if you hold a green card or are documented there shouldn’t be a problem and if you don’t you can get documented?. I would think the criminal illegal aliens should be deported. As for the Wall I do not support that at all, there are other ways to allow Mexicans in to work and to document them.I have heard Donald Trump say there are many hard working Mexicans that he loves . I agree Mr Trump is sometime crude and unapologetic and I believe he is not a great speaker as he is not a politician, personally I was a vote for Bernie sanders 🙂 but we as a country have Mr Trump for our President and I personally will try to understand with some of the policies even if I dont agree with them .

  2. TO LA RAZA & all others Re: Immigration I recently looked up how the 1st lady Melania entered the US & found that she came here on a temporary Visa. She stated in an interview that she arrived in 1996 (although there’s papers showing a modeling job in 1995!) She also said that she had to return to Slovenia every few months to renew her Visa. While here on her temporary Visa, she worked approximately 10 modeling jobs, (earning approx $10,000.) In 1998 she met and dated Donald Trump, ultimately marrying him-my guess is so she could get her green card, and Trump helped that become a reality for her! (My opinion!) But the MAIN point I want to make is that it was ILLEGAL FOR MELANIA TO WORK IN THE UNITED STATES ON HER TEMPORARY VISA!! And I believe that she can still be prosecuted (& perhaps DEPORTED!) on those charges. The hypocracy, ineptness, and prejudice in the Trump presidency and his administration should not and CANNOT continue. “Resist & Halt” this tolitarian regime. Thank you for your time and I hope this info might help in some way. Bev

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