2017 NCLR Annual Conference Recap: Day Two

Day two of the 2017 NCLR Conference has now wrapped up. It was a day full of truly informative workshops, an inspiring Latinas Brunch and an interesting debate on what is at stake for Latinos in the tax reform debate. … Continue reading

Showcasing the 2016 NCLR Innovation Lab

How NCLR STEM Is Creating Innovative Spaces for Latino Youth By Cindy Zavala, NCLR Education Programs Associate Last month in Orlando, NCLR STEM held the Innovation Lab Showcase during this year’s NCLR Líderes Summit. The NCLR Innovation Lab is a … Continue reading

Six Young Women Help Launch NCLR “Entre Mujeres” Program

Empowering young Latinas is a priority for NCLR. This month, NCLR Lideres kicked off our effort to do this with the Entre Mujeres program. NCLR Affiliates who are subgrantees of the program gathered in Dallas to launch the new gender-based … Continue reading