Take #SaludWater Action for Kids!

Dehydration. Fatigue. Poor classroom performance.

Water can help solve these issues for kids, but Latino kids don’t have access to clean drinking water as often as white kids, and they are more dehydrated.

That’s why we are joining the new #SaludWater health social media campaign!

#SaludWater—led by the Salud America! national network for healthy change for Latinos—promotes actions, awareness, and grassroots solutions to inspire local change to give Latino children more access and opportunity to drink water.

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Senators Bob Menendez and Cory Booker Join NCLR’s Janet Murguía to Discuss the Latino Community’s Top Priorities

June 19, 2017                                           


Gabriela Gomez
(202) 776-1732

Special event focuses on how lawmakers are pushing back against the Trump administration’s harmful policies

NEWARK, N.J.—Today, NCLR (National Council of La Raza) released its new policy agenda for the 115th Congress during a special forum that featured an informative and lively discussion moderated by NCLR President and CEO Janet Murguía with New Jersey Senators Bob Menendez and Cory Booker. The conversation, held at Rutgers Business School, also focused on the steps the senators are taking to push back on the Trump administration’s harmful policies and defend the progress the Latino community has made in recent years.

Efforts to slash funding for Medicaid and essential nutrition programs, the attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and a doubling-down on draconian immigration policies have put our community on high alert. NCLR’s report, titled “2017 Latino Priorities, American Values: A Latino Policy Agenda for the 115th Congress,” recommends policies to strengthen opportunities for Latino workers, families and students. The agenda also examines the progress the Latino community has made in recent years in vital areas including immigration, health care, education and the economy.

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Congressional Budget Office Confirms that Trumpcare Is the Worst Domestic Legislation in Years

The American Health Care Act could result in 23 million Americans left without health coverage by 2026

Today the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) confirmed what most Americans suspected: the latest version of the “American Health Care Act” (AHCA) is even worse than the first version introduced in the House of Representatives. The nonpartisan office estimates that more than $834 billion would be cut from Medicaid and 23 million people would have their health coverage taken away, endangering their health and opportunities.

We are deeply concerned about Medicaid cuts that would fundamentally restructure this program that has served as a safety net for more than 50 years. The White House budget proposal released yesterday confirmed the Trump administration’s intent to slash this lifeline for millions of people despite research that shows a majority of Americans oppose decreasing Medicaid funding (74 percent) and support the program (54 percent).

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National Institute of Latino School Leaders go to Denver

This week, our 2017 cohort of the National Institute of Latino School Leaders (NILSL)  is meeting in Denver to talk about they can advance the schools they lead to better prepare students for the future. NILSL Fellows will also spend time talking about how best to implement the “Every Student Succeeds Act.”

Follow #NILSL17 for live updates from the convening throughout the week.

ICE Intimidates Latino Community with Arrest of DACA Recipient Practicing Free Speech

Earlier this week in Jackson, Miss., 22-year-old Dany Vargas stood bravely before reporters to speak about the fear that she and many of her friends and family have of being deported at any moment under a new administration that has targeted the Latino community.

Dany’s fears are real. After all, it was just two weeks ago that she watched her father get arrested outside their home. She literally hid inside her bedroom closet for fear that she too could be deported. Dany’s father and her brother were arrested, detained, and are currently awaiting deportation. Despite her fears after watching her family members taken away, Dany spoke eloquently about being a DREAMer and how much she wants to contribute to her country, which she has called home since she was seven years old.

As a DACA recipient, Dany has been able to work as a store manager, and has dreams of being a math teacher. But, her DACA status lapsed after she was unable to pay the $500 fee that is required every two years to maintain the status. However, Dany did save up the money she needed, and last month got her paperwork in order so that she could begin the renewal process. Since her application is pending, what happened next was shocking.

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