A Long Journey Home

Saul smiled. His eyes shinned behind the folds of his smile. He still couldn’t believe it. His dream of owning a home had just become a reality.

But Saul’s journey was not easy.

For more than 20 years Saul worked as a seasonal landscaper in Chicago’s suburbs. As soon as it was warm enough to work, Saul would begin redesigning Chicago’s intricate lawns and gardens. As the days grew longer, so did his workday. Every night he would return home… to a rented house.

Saul wanted more. He dreamed of being a homeowner.

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Latino Youth Show Barriers to Healthy Living in Their Communities

We recently gave a group of Latino youth from Chicago and San Antonio an opportunity to share their stories by documenting their struggles to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Armed with disposable cameras, these young Latinos set out in their communities to photograph their surroundings and highlight the good and the bad. The results were eye-opening.

We captured some of the best of these photos and created our new video, “Reflejos de Mi Comunidad.” Little access to nutritious foods, unsafe playgrounds, and a general lack of awareness about healthy eating habits were just a few of the hurdles we noticed in the photos submitted. And there was one common thread: no matter where they live, many young Latinos face an uphill struggle to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Watch “Reflejos de Mi Comunidad” and share it widely. Together we can change life for the better for these young people.

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