American Voters Want Comprehensive Immigration Reform

All in for CitizenshipDespite a general consensus at Monday’s fifth Senate Judiciary Committee immigration hearing this year, a voice of opposition came from minority-side witness Kris Kobach, the current Secretary of State of Kansas.  Aside from Kobach, a diverse set of witnesses expressed their support for the recently introduced bipartisan immigration bill and urged the Senate to move forward with reform.

Kobach, however, stands out among his fellow panelists.  He is best known for being the brains behind the slew of devastating anti-immigrant laws adopted in several states over the past few years, including Arizona’s SB 1070 in 2010 and similar laws in Alabama, Georgia, and Missouri.  More recently, he served as immigration policy advisor to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and is largely credited for the “self-deportation” policy embraced by the Romney campaign.

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Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Immigration Happening Now


The Senate Judiciary Committee has called four panels of witnesses today and they include our President and CEO, Janet Murguía. Watch the live stream.

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