ITIN Users Should Prepare for Revalidation Process

At the end of last year, Congress enacted legislation that requires some immigrants filing their taxes with an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to revalidate. NCLR has made resources available to the community that includes the deadlines for ITIN filers to renew:

ITIN Revalidation Deadlines

While taxpayers with ITINs issued before 2008 will have to revalidate in the next year (by January 1, 2017), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has not shared details on that process and questions remain. For example:

  • Will immigrants who revalidate keep their same ITIN or receive a new number?
  • Will revalidation follow the same process as applying for a new ITIN or will there be a streamlined application?
  • Do immigrants revalidating their ITIN have to do so at the same time as filing a tax return or can it be filed separately to the IRS?

As we await answers to these questions and more, the IRS has stated publicly that taxpayers with ITINs that need to be revalidated should not do so with this year’s tax return. More information will be available in the coming weeks about how and when ITIN holders facing deadlines beginning on January 1, 2017 should proceed.

Until then, tax preparers should use this tax season to inform affected clients that they will need to prepare documents to revalidate shortly, but emphasize that a process is not yet in place.

Visit the for additional resources.

Tell Your Senators to Save the Child Tax Credit!

The Senate this week is expected to vote on a proposal by New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte (R) that would eliminate the Child Tax Credit for children of immigrant parents, specifically those who pay their tax bills using an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

The Child Tax Credit is one of oure more successful anti-poverty programs, but if Sen. Ayotte has her way more than five million children living in America today would suffer. Sen. Ayotte’s amendment focuses its attack on the Latino community—over four million of the affected children are Latino.


Don’t let Sen. Ayotte strip our children and their parents from this much needed credit. Call your Senators today at 888.853.7037 and tell them to vote NO on eliminating the Child Tax Credit for immigrant parents who need it to provide for their children!

This Week in Immigration Reform – Week Ending January 17


Week Ending January 17, 2014

This week in immigration reform: in line with what other House Republicans have been saying, Rep. Doug LaMalfa calls on Congress to get something done on immigration reform; NCLR fights a proposal in the Senate that sought to deny the Child Tax Credit to families of four million U.S. citizen children; the Congress passes an Appropriations bill that funds both good and bad immigration programs; and NCLR meets with a House working group to discuss the year ahead for immigration reform.  Emerging Latino Communities (ELC) grantee HOLA (Hispanas Organizadas de Lake y Ashtabula) kept the spotlight on the need for reform by gathering the community for a 20-mile pilgrimage from Lake County to Cleveland in support of staying the deportation of a married father of three children.  NCLR kept the community informed as always this, with staff quoted in CNN Mexico, Terra, and VOXXI.

California Republican comes out in support of immigration reform.  Last week, Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-Calif.) made what he described as a “pivot” by coming out in support of immigration reform.   The conservative Congressman said he changed his mind after talking to farmers who told him that their businesses couldn’t survive without immigrant labor.  Echoing other House Republicans, Rep. LaMalfa said that something needs to get done, and done soon, on immigration reform.

NCLR fights to protect Child Tax Credit for immigrant families as jobless benefits debate continues.  This week NCLR fought to preserve access to the Child Tax Credit (CTC) for all qualified families by strongly voicing its opposition to an amendment to the Senate jobless benefits bill that sought to eliminate the CTC for tax filers who use an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).  This proposal, offered by Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H), would have adversely affected over 4 million U.S. citizen children.

Ultimately the amendment was not brought to a vote.  NCLR will continue to educate lawmakers on the importance of the CTC for eligible filers and oppose any changes that would hurt Latino families.  Continue reading