Pupusas, Pho, and Burgers All in One Block

By Ellie Klerlein, Deputy Director, Digital, NCLR


Yesterday, I got to do one of my favorite parts of the job. I attended a citizenship ceremony organized by NCLR Affiliate CARECEN and the USCIS Office of Citizenship at the Mount Pleasant Public Library in Washington, DC.  During the ceremony, we welcomed new Americans from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, India, China, Colombia, El Salvador, Nigeria, and Iran.  And it just seemed fitting to have the ceremony in Mount Pleasant.  As Abel Nuñez, Executive Director of CARECEN put it in his welcome remarks:

“This is a community that embraces diversity, a place where the neighborhood Catholic Parish holds masses in 5 different languages, a place where you can eat an American burger, a Salvadoran pupusa, Peruvian chicken and Vietnamese pho on the same block.”

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