How the Latino Community Can Remain a Political and Economic Force

Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.) represents Phoenix in Congress and was a special guest of ours at our recent 2017 Annual Conference. Congressman Gallego spoke eloquently about the impact Latinos have on the United States. He asserted that as a community, we have now arrived as political and economic forces. Our next challenge is how we will remain as such. Rep. Gallego believes that we must empower millennial and younger generations to fight back relentlessly to reshape the political climate in our country.

Watch his full remarks below:

On Owning Our Narrative and Being Unafraid

At our 2017 Annual Conference in Phoenix last month, commentator, author, and immigrant rights advocate, Julissa Arce, shared the story of her journey from being an undocumented immigrant to becoming a vice president at one of the world’s most prestigious financial firms in the world, Goldman Sachs. She spoke about the importance of owning our narrative and being unafraid of who we are.

Watch her full remarks below:

Unite and Come Together to Protect Our Freedoms

Last month in Phoenix, Maricopa CountySheriff Paul Penzone joined us at our 2017 Annual Conference and spoke out against the current political climate that has denigrated immigrants. Penzone contended that to seek change we must not only speak out, but we must follow our disapproval with even stronger actions. To have a better community, we must unite and come together to protect our freedoms.

Watch his full remarks below: